Become an SLBA Member

Member Benefits 

Networking and support system
Community involvement
Showcase your business

In addition to our monthly meetings, each year we host a few mixers to provide you with an opportunity to connect with your business neighbors and their families. The SLBA website will provide information about your business for additional exposure to the community. We also provide scholarships to graduating high school students and help support additional not-for-profit organizations that provide vital services to our communities. Your membership will help us expand our community programs.


Application for SLBA Membership

Name ___________________________________________________

Business name ____________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________

City/Zip __________________________________________________

Phone ________________________ Fax _______________________

Email ____________________________________________________

Website ___________________________________________________


Annual Member Fees

___  $50.00  Community Member (Non-Business)

___  $50.00  Neighborhood Association

___  $50.00  Charitable Non-profit Organization

___  $75.00  Small Business (1-10 employees, including sole proprietors)

___ $100.00  Medium Business (11-24 employees)

___ $150.00  Large Business (25-49 employees)

___ $350.00  Extra-large Business (50+ employees)

Make checks payable to:  SLBA
Send application and check to SLBA, P.O. Box 27312,  Lakewood, CO  80227
For more information, please contact Doug Whitten, SLBA President



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